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Change your vibration, transform your well-being

All disorders, discomforts, diseases begin as vibration. We are all vibrational beings running on currents of electricity and vibrational energies. From a very young age, we tend to dismiss the beauty and ease of our own unique vibration and instead vibrate at the beat and rate of others. By doing so, we push away from our natural state of being in order to fit into the world. The more we continue to vibrate at a rate different than our own natural rhythm, the more we attract in things, events, situations that we do not want - including, compromised well-being into our experience. 

When we have a physical disease, chronic pain or a health disorder it has generally been present in the body for years and years. As we continue to put our own unique way of living, being, making a living, relating, spending our time, etc. on the back burner, we continuously build momentum around vibrations and energies that are not in alignment with our own uniqueness, path and many purposes.

As we continue down this path, living our lives according to the should's, have to's and standards the modern culture and our upbringing convincingly emphasizes, we start to feel off. We know that something isn't right. And, we start to focus on the bad, on the what's wrong with me, on the disease, on the not feeling good. As we continuously focus on these undesirable feelings; we build their energy and by doing so we continue to attract what we don't want into our experience. 

There are many layers to helping a disorder or disease or bad feeling move on - diet, getting out of fight-or-flight, clearing the body of old germs, bacteria and viruses, eliminating stress (yes, you can live without stress!) - these are all things that are important to address along one's wellness journey. However, if we don't change the way we think or feel on the inside, we'll just continue to be the same old magnet - attracting in what it is we don't want.

Manifesting Wellness

Instead of focusing on all the undesirable things that are in your current or past experience - whether you have a chronic disease, a chronic ailment, an acute discomfort, etc. - it's important to focus on more desirable thoughts and feelings.

For example, if you have been diagnosed with cancer in the past and had the cancer successfully removed, you may likely wonder each successive day if the cancer will come back. Thoughts may stream through your mind saying, "I hate this disease", "how can I keep the cancer away," "I don't want the disease near me," "I have no control over this disease," "what am I doing wrong?" The worry builds overtime; the powerlessness gains momentum; we view the disease as bad, we lose sleep over it, we try to war against it.

Our government and medical systems have defined a war on cancer, a war on AIDS, a war on drugs, a war on Alzheimer's. This mentality has created a mass vibration that says, "When we have one of these diseases or when we feel bad, we must go to war, we must go to battle." However, this approach only builds the vibration of the disease or discomfort. When you try to resist something so strongly, you actually draw it closer to you.

A disease inside a body does not really enjoy being there: it’s out of place, a stranger in a strange land. It’s usually very willing to leave. But, if you try to force it out without any consideration for it or its purpose for being there—the message that it has to deliver—it fights back because its job isn’t done.
— Kay Cordell Whitaker

The above quote is from my spiritual and shamanic  teacher, Kay Cordell Whitaker. In my experience I have found this statement to be quite accurate and I have found the message of the disease never to be about suffering, working harder or focusing on right or wrong, good or bad. In my experience, there are HUGE gifts in disease and discomfort. Approaching wellness in this way, by honoring it, listening to what the discomfort or disease has to say, by changing your vibration and transforming your thoughts - these are the real keys to well-being. Well-being doesn't mean somebody wins and somebody loses. True well-being is always win-win-win - you win, the disorder wins and the entire planet wins. 


We are electrical beings

Not only are we vibrational beings, we are also electrical beings. For over 100 years it has been known that electrical currents pulse through every single atom of our body every second of the day. If we didn't have this current, we'd be dead. Dr Bob Beck has done incredible research in this area and you can view some of his work, right here. The electrical currents naturally produced by our body is what allows information, messages, signals and communication to travel from one place to the next; from one cell to another.

When our cells get weak from exposure to pollution, bad food (sugar, vegetable oils, etc.), environmental toxins, biofilms, toxins, germs, viruses, heavy metals, etc, the electrical current throughout our body becomes compromised. Chronic disease largely occurs when one loses their ability to make new, healthy cells. 

Cancer is a great example of this. Cancer occurs when a cell has an error and instead of terminating itself (this is what it's supposed to do), it reproduces a damaged cell, a cell that contains error codes. Cancer is merely a conglomeration/a mass of cells that are full of errors. 

 Cancer isn't the only disease caused by decreased electrical current in the cells and body. Virtually all diseases and disorders are a result of a decrease in electrical current throughout the body. Also, when one experiences physical pain, particularly chronic pain, this is a key indicator that the electrical current throughout the body is out of balance.

So, how can we begin to improve the balanced pulsing of electrical currents throughout our body in a balanced, easeful and effective way? For starters, it's important to eat a diet that supports the well-being of the cells and their electrical current. We need to eat foods that support the well-being, longevity and healthy reproduction of our cells.

Additionally, we need to get more oxygen into our cells - deep breathing, meditation, getting out of fight-or-flight are all keys to facilitating the flow of oxygen into our cells. Another key is to walk barefoot on the earth, stones, along the beach or anywhere in nature on a daily basis. 

Additionally, Heathar uses the practice of radionics to help people support the balanced flow of electrical currents throughout their body. Radionics is a non-invasive, energetic tool that focuses on vibration, wavelengths and energy to help bring balance to the body. Heathar combines her practice of radionics with nutritional guidance, supplemental suggestions, guidance around how to change one's vibration as well as sacred ceremony with the intent to help restore balance in the body.

Well-being cannot be achieved simply by taking a pill, having surgery, or going on a diet; well-being thrives on diversity and this is why Heathar combines what she has found to be the most potent tools in her wellness practice.

Manifesting Wellness Pipe Ceremonies

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Heathar holds individual sacred pipe ceremonies including Shamanic Pipe Ceremonies for those seeking insight regarding their journey to wellness.

During wellness centered ceremonies, there is an honoring of your discomfort - Heathar will ask it what it wants and will invite it to leave your body. This is a very win-win-win approach that eliminates warring, better than's or less than's and allows space for the disorder to move on.

During your ceremony, Heathar will also ask the spirits to come and assist and offer guidance to your path of well-being. She'll ask for their insights, their offerings to your wellness journey and for their insights around your wellness desires.

Heathar has extensive training in shamanic energetic rebalancing and has been studying Katasee, a form of Peruvian shamanism originating from the Eastern Andes for over 6 years.

Heathar brings her wellness gifts, shamanic training and intuition to her pipe ceremonies with the intent to help restore balance to the body and remarkable insight from the non-linear. 

Heathar's ceremonies are a sacred gathering of all those participating in the ceremony as well as benevolent, unconditionally loving spirit helpers. 

Heathar thoroughly enjoys gathering with individuals and the spirits to help inspire and facilitate well-being and balance into their lives. She invites you to reach out with any questions or curiosities you may have around participating in this sacred ceremony together.