Primal Foods
Primal Foods
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Nutrition Consultations

Engaging in a nutrition consultation with Heathar is a great way to build focus, clarity and attention toward the wellness you desire. Whether you are simply looking to spice up your diet, gather nutritional support, protect and cleanse yourself from germs, bacteria, radiation, detox, mend from surgery or offer support to overcoming a chronic condition, Heathar's in-depth, potent and individualized nutrition consultations may help offer the support and guidance you and your body have been looking for.

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Fuel for your Body

Every single thing we put into our body, our body utilizes as fuel. Most of us eat foods that burn very low quality, "dirty" fuel. Imagine driving down the road and your stuck behind a car that has an overwhelming fume smell wafting from the tailpipe of the car. This is what your body does you put dirty fuel in it. The more often you put this compromised fuel in, the more your body gets compromised and the more it breaks down and becomes susceptible to disease.

The number one overlooked type of preventative medicine is food. Not a pill, not a procedure, not a surgery, not a specific type of healthcare plan but the food you put into your mouth is the biggest determining factor for whether you will experience a degenerative disease or not.

Heathar's nutrition consultations are designed to help you burn the cleanest, purest fuel with the intent that you not only will have more energy, stronger immunity and more clarity, but that you will live a life of robust longevity as well.


Eat Good Fat

Each one of our cell membranes is composed of over 50% saturated fats and cholesterol; our hormones are made from cholesterol; our brains are largely composed of cholesterol; our neurons and their protective layerings are composed of saturated fats and cholesterol; we cannot detox without saturated fats and cholesterol; the body cannot heal itself without these lipids.

The thing is, most of our modern diets are LARGELY deficient in saturated fats and cholesterol and this deficiency is at the heart of many of our modern diseases and acute ailments.

During your nutrition consultation, Heathar will teach you how you can adequately improve your intake of these life-giving nutrients at every meal with the intent to help your entire body function the way its designed to.


Improving Digestion

Most people living in the world today have compromised digestion. When our digestion is compromised, our entire body suffers.

Most people don't absorb or assimilate their food properly; most people's gut pH is unbalanced; most people do not have near the amount of flora fona (beneficial gut microbes) that they need and most people suffer from food allergies (however, many simply have blinders to this fact).

If you are someone who really desires well-being, the digestion must be addressed and supported in order for the body to live in a balanced state. Heathar's nutrition consultations will help bring ease, balance and integrity to your digestive tract with the intent to help bring balance and well-being to your entire body.