Primal Foods
Primal Foods
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The roots of my Primal Foods upbringing inspired the blog itself. As a kid, you could call the food my family ate, Primal. My dad hunted for meat, my mom made pots of homemade sauce, wild-caught clam chowders and rendered her own lard. Most nights, we ate like the ancients did.


As I grew older, I wanted to confine to the modern ways of eating. I was jealous of my friends at the lunch table eating Kudos Bars, Doritos and Teddy Grams. I sheepishly pulled out my thermos of piping hot homemade soup and tried with every ounce of my bribing to get my peers to trade with me. With no such luck, I was stuck with my nutrient dense homemade meal.

I never truly strayed away from my Primal roots. A short stunt with vegetarianism that almost destroyed my nervous system, hormones, pancreatic cells and thyroid gland was enough to guide me back to my Primal eating roots. Today, not only do my family and I embrace a Primal way of eating, but we strive for a Primal way of living as well.

We enjoy humming to a slower tune than the modern world and with that comes cooking in a slow foods movement kind of way. Not that the pace of the modern world is bad by any means, its just not our thing.

With the hyper-convenience of modern life, many of us can only operate a microwave or order a meal from a menu. Enjoying a home cooked meal is now a luxury and often comes from a package or a can. 

Primal Foods aims to remedy that; to weave our ancient food origins back into everyday life. 

primal |prīməl

ADJECTIVE essential; fundamental. 

SYNONYMS intrinsic, inherent, first, primitive, vital, central.