Saturated animal fats, the most nourishing food on the planet

Saturated animal fats, the most nourishing food on the planet

Our government and medical establishments have done a remarkable job of scaring the dickens out of us regarding saturated fat and cholesterol. I consider it one of the most dangerous and manipulative schemes of our time. And, one that is quite literally and quickly weeding out the population of its long-term followers.

As the belief of saturated fat and cholesterol being bad and dangerous gained momentum so did our rates of degenerative diseases and obesity. It wasn’t until we began removing these life-giving fats from our diet - replacing them with vegetable oils, carbohydrates and sugar - that our disease epidemics and waistlines began to expand. While our rates of degenerative disease, type II diabetes and obesity continue to sky rocket, the authorities remain cemented in their convictions spouting out their same old, same old dogmatic, inaccurate dietary advice that continues to feed sickness. 

Today, we not only have 1 country eating this nutrient-deficient diet but much of our entire world population has jumped on the low-fat, fat-free, low cholesterol bandwagon. This ludicrous advice has numbed our tastebuds and our brains and has pushed us away from enjoying the nourishing, luscious and succulent fat drippings of a roast goose to instead craving highly addictive, disease promoting sugar and carbohydrate laden food-like substances. 


This only began when the majority of our population became scared out of their knickers regarding saturated fats as a result of really, really bad science and biased research that claim saturated animal fats will lead to one’s premature death. As a result, most of the population now has dietary fat and cholesterol phobia. And, it is harming us not helping us - as the authorities want you to believe - in very big ways.

We took on this fat phobic mentality without dissecting the research nor the sources from where this information was even coming from. But, there are a handful of leery folk out there who have proceeded to disassembled many of the major low-fat, low-cholesterol studies with the intent of getting to the bottom of our world's fat phobic beliefs.

One such individual paving the way in this area is Gary Taubes. What have Gary Taubes and other whistle blower’s found regarding this low-fat, low-cholesterol dietary advice? I can sum it up in one word. Hogwash.

Despite our growing rates of cancer, infertility, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, our inability to detox, depressed immunity, super infections, super bugs, toxicity, Alzheimer’s, MS, neurological disorders, obesity and on and on and on - most of us are still convinced that these conditions have very little to do with diet but if they are related to diet, it must be due to one’s excessive intake of saturated fat and cholesterol. 😂

A different perspective.


For thousands and thousands of years red meat, butter, lard, organ meats and wild-caught seafood dominated our plates. However, just a few years of bad research and power-over scare tactics were enough to persuade us to swap pork chops, beef tallow and egg yolks for potatoes, pasta, bread, noodles and canola oil. Out with the high-fat desserts like homemade ice cream, custard, whipped cream, pudding and chocolate and in with the frozen yogurt (no fat, all sugar), cakes, pies, cookies and tiramisu. 

These sugar-laden foods and carb-heavy choices weren’t available to us thousands even hundreds of years ago. Our species was raised on saturated fats and cholesterol-these were once the most abundant food choices available to humans. Our DNA and biological make-up is rooted in these fats. It wasn’t until recently that we threw these fats out the window only to replace them with some of the most harmful oils of our time - vegetable oils. Many researchers have examined these oils (i.e. Mary Enig) and find them to literally resemble plastic. Yum, where do I sign up?

Actually, I did sign-up for that at one point in my life and now I’m working diligently to remove these dangerous oils (including GMO's) from my body using Primal Food detox techniques, specific food grade supplements and Radionics.  

When we eat these liquid vegetable oils, they don’t just go in our mouth and out the other end.   These plastic oils attach to our cells thinning our cell membrane. They harm our cells restricting their ability to detox and ultimately poison our cells. These oils harm our immune system, they destroy our hormones and endocrine system, they lead to weight gain, these oils are the predominant oils found in arterial plaque and they have a very strong influence on cancer.

If you're wanting to know where to start regarding how to change your diet, eliminating all liquid vegetable oils from your diet is a great place to begin. Next, is sugar.

Why saturated fats are good for you.

 My homemade cream of broccoli soup is jam packed with saturated fats including bacon, bacon fat, cream, raw cheese and is slow cooked in hearty bone broth❤️

My homemade cream of broccoli soup is jam packed with saturated fats including bacon, bacon fat, cream, raw cheese and is slow cooked in hearty bone broth❤️


So why are these saturated fatty acids so good for you? Well, the benefits of saturated animal fats from animals raised on pasture stretch far beyond what I outline in this blog. But, below, you can get a really good idea as to why restricting these fats continues to make us sick and why increasing them in our diet is incredibly supportive to every aspect of our well-being!

Benefits of Saturated Fats

Cellular Integrity. Our cell membranes are composed of a minimum of 50% saturated fats and cholesterol; without these substances in our diet, our cells would be thin, susceptible to free radical damage and unable to discard of cellular garbage and wastes.

Brain Wellness. 25% of the body’s cholesterol is found in the brain. Its a no brainer really that saturated animal fats and cholesterol help to boost brain function including memory, attention span, focus, clarity and offer protection against dementia and Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is now being referred to as type III diabetes - studies are now showing that if one has type II diabetes or blood sugar imbalances their risk of Alzheimer's increases by 50%!

Immunity. Saturated fats boost immunity. A dietary deficiency in saturated animal fats leads to a loss of sufficient saturated fatty acids in the white blood cells diminishing their ability to recognize and destroy foreign invaders, such as pathogenic viruses, pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Saturated fats are crucial to keep the immune system vigilant against the development of cancerous cells as well as infectious invaders.

Digestion. Saturated fats help increase bile availability (necessary for digestion) and help repair any damage to the gut wall.

Vision Care. The eye is largely composed of saturated fats and cholesterol and need these nutrients to remain healthy. Macular degeneration, retinal detachment, cataracts and other eye disorders are related to our increased intake of plastic vegetable oils, sugar and GMO’s.

Heart Protection. Eating ample saturated fats reduces the levels of a substance called Lp(a) or lipoprotein(a) that correlates strongly with an increased risk for heart disease. You won’t find any medications to lower this substance-the only dietary way to lower Lp(a) is by eating more saturated fats.

Bone Well-Being. Saturated fats are needed for calcium to be effectively incorporated into the bones. We think calcium supplements are the answer to our bone degenerative issues, it's actually not, not at all. One of the best ways to increase bone mass is to eat a diet consisting of at least 50% saturated fats. 

Weight Loss. When we greatly restrict carbohydrates from our diet, omit sugar and fruit and focus on saturated fats as the bulk of our daily calories, weight begins to melt off our thighs, buttocks and abdomen. This is because when we stop eating all the sugar and carb junk and replace these foods with saturated fats, we no longer burn glucose as fuel. Instead we now burn fat and ketones as fuel and this has HUGE physiological benefits that expand far beyond weight loss.

Absorption & Assimilation. Saturated fats aid in the absorption and assimilation of nutrients. In fact, many nutrients and trace minerals are impossible for our body and gut to absorb and utilize without the presence of saturated animal fats.

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