How to starve cancer cells

Cancer is not a genetic disease. It is a metabolic disease. This means that it develops in large due to unclean fuel that we are metabolizing as a result of poor diet. Think of know that car in front of you that smells like exhaust so bad that you have to cover your nose - its fuel is so dirty, the oil hasn't been changed in months and it hasn't been maintained well at all. It's literally falling apart and burring really smelly fuel as a result.

Our body can burn different types of fuel. The food that we eat determines the type of fuel that our body burns and metabolizes. When we eat foods that are consistently high in carbs, sugar, starches, processed and packaged foods, sweets, candy, soda, alcohol (there are also other nasty byproducts that our body produces as a result of drinking alcohol but more on that later), etc. our body burns glucose as fuel.

When we burn glucose as fuel, our body begins to smell like that car with the dirty oil. Our cells cannot survive in this environment, they weaken, they lose their integrity, they stop breathing and they become susceptible to malfunction. They start to develop errors and produce cells with errors as a result. Cancer is simply a mass or tumor that consists of a pile of cellular errors.

Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.
— Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize–winning physician and biochemist

Glucose is the exact fuel that feeds cancer cells-it's what they live on, it's what they thrive on. If your medical doctor suspects cancer, he or she may recommend that you get a PET scan (Positron emission tomography scan). This test requires you to drink a glucose liquid solution and doctors can detect the presence and/or location of the cancer because the glucose runs full speed ahead to any cancerous cells present in the body. This is because glucose is a lifeline to cancer cells. 

This doesn't take a rocket scientist or a multi-million dollar tax payer funded study to see that glucose feeds cancer.

This however is why cancer is considered a metabolic disease-when we eat foods that causes us to metabolize glucose as fuel, we create an environment for cancer to not only develop but thrive.

Swap your fuel to starve cancer cells

 Foods rich in saturated fats and cholesterol naturally starve cancer cells due to their clean-burning keto fuel

Foods rich in saturated fats and cholesterol naturally starve cancer cells due to their clean-burning keto fuel

Glucose isn't our only fuel-burning option nor is it our most optimal fuel burning option. There are 2 other types of much more efficient, anti-inflammatory fuels that our body can burn which include, ketones and fats.

In fact, we humans have been burning ketones and fats for eons before the introduction to modern foods that began making their way onto the scene about 6 generations ago. Cancer didn't exist before this time. 

Our body's are biologically hard-wired to burn fats and ketones as fuel-this is our body's preferred fuel method. Our recent dietary habits have unconsciously nudged us to swap fats and ketones as fuel for glucose. This is where many of our health problems stem from, including cancer.

As an ex-carrot cake feane, I completely understand the instant gratification that comes from a warm blueberry muffin, glazed doughnut, crispy potato chip or chewy, buttery bread. However, we need to start considering the long-term impact that these things have on our well-being; we need to let-go of our sugar addicting sweets, carb heavy side dishes and heaping fruit platters if we want to really start shifting our growing rates of cancer and other metabolic related diseases.

When you can discontinue eating foods that produce glucose as fuel, you essentially and naturally begin to starve cancer cells.  

Burning glucose as fuel has proven to increase free radical load, decrease energy levels, create inflammation, increase risk of type II diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cancer. This modern way of eating and burning fuel is not all that it's cut out to be. And, our body's are suffering big time as a result.

Cancer growth and progression can be managed by following a whole-body transition from fermentable metabolites, primarily glucose and glutamine, to respiratory metabolites, primarily ketone bodies. This transition will reduce tumor vascularity and inflammation while enhancing tumor-cell death.
— Thomas Seyfried, PhD

Taking back your power

 We have all the knowledge and answers we need available to us right now to own our power around our well-being. Photograph by  Andrew Lipovsky

We have all the knowledge and answers we need available to us right now to own our power around our well-being. Photograph by Andrew Lipovsky

If you're waiting for the medical community to find a cure for cancer, I wouldn't hold your breath or count on them to find the answers. The thing is, they already know the answers-they've created a test that can detect the presence and location of cancer using the PET scan that utilizes glucose as the headhunter. They know glucose feeds cancer.

But, they'll still bring you sliced white Wonder Bread, jello, orange juice and potatoes in the hospital as you're recovering from your cancer surgery (I've witnessed this first-hand). These are the same people that raked in over $107 billion dollars in 2016 just on cancer drugs alone-this isn't even considering surgeries and other medical procedures-this is just on the drugs! Unfortunately, this system is really imbalanced and one-sided; it's a win-lose situation. They win big, you lose big.

But, the really awesome news is that cancer isn't a result of bad luck, poor genetics or karmic punishment; it's largely a result of burning glucose as fuel. And, there are so many supportive, integrative options for us regarding cancer prevention available to us right now. We don't have to wait for cures, answers or new drugs, we can start right now by changing our diets.

If you're ready to start reclaiming your power around your well-being, you can start by swapping glucose as your main fuel for ketones and fats. Yes, these foods are condoned by medical and government professionals but, the question to ask yourself is, "How's that low-fat, low-cholesterol approach working out for you?"

If it's me reading the signs, we've only become sicker and sicker since we've taken the skin off of chicken, started using fake butter, swapped scrambled eggs for egg white omelets and began replacing grass-fed fats and cholesterol with liquid vegetable oils. It's time to put our glucose baby's, wheat belly's and grain brain's to bed. Goodnight.

You can start swapping glucose as fuel for fats and ketone bodies by following the recipes in Heathar's Primal Foods Recipe eBook.

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