Primal Services

The following services are designed with the intent to help individuals seek their optimal well-being through Primal nutrition and lifestyle changes. Please contact me with questions regarding any of the services below. I look forward to helping you attain the wellness that you truly desire and deserve! 



This is a great place for those just starting their Primal Foods journey. The Primal Foods Bundle provides you with 8 empowering PDF's regarding my Primal Foods guidelines including, a Primal Foods Grocery list, What to Eat When Eating Out guidelines, Primal Foods Meal Plan examples, Primal Snacks, a walk through on How to Prepare Grains, Nuts, Seeds and Legumes, guidelines to Cleaning Out Your Cupboards, Smoke Points for Fats and The Hidden Truths About the Mediterranean Diet (including the olive oil scam that major corporations are hiding from us).

As soon as you purchase these PDF documents, they will be sent to your email so you can get started with your Primal Foods journey right away. Let your Primal Foods adventure begin!



Many people today struggle with several aspects of their well-being-from digestive distress, allergies, sluggish energy levels and migraine headaches to auto-immune conditions, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and diabetes-these disorders greatly impact the lives of many. However, they don't have to. During a Nutrition Consultation, you'll do a full wellness history intake with Heathar, including a detailed review of your goals and intentions. From there, Heathar will create a 3, 6 or 12-month wellness plan to help bring ease, well-being and support to your pains and struggles. 

Engaging in a Nutrition Consultation is an empowering way to help transform your well-being on a deep level. We'll address core areas of the body that are extremely important to maintaining wellness such as digestion, lymph flow, immunity, joint, bone and muscular wellness, we'll address blood sugar stabilization and we'll make sure your detox organs (liver, kidneys, skin, colon, etc) are open and functioning optimally so that your body can effectively eliminate toxins that may be significantly impacting your well-being.



Individuals with chronic disorders often visit their doctors only to be presented with a cocktail of prescription medications. At Primal Foods, Heathar likes to approach wellness from a holistic perspective. Instead of suggesting band-aid remedies that keep us sick and only contribute to us getting sicker, Heathar will create a wellness supportive, individualized nutrition and wellness program for you with the intent to achieve wellness and bring balance to the body.

Many individuals with chronic disorders such as type II diabetes, cancer, autoimmune conditions, multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic pain, arthritis, etc. are provided with very limited resources for managing their pain and suffering. When you engage in Primal Nutrition for Chronic Disorders consultation, Heathar will perform a very detailed wellness history intake with you and will create a 3, 6 or 12-month Primal Foods and lifestyle plan to help bring ease and empowering support to your pain struggles. 

There are empowering resources to help support and possibly rectify many wellness related conditions today-it's all about getting to the root of the issue and teaching the body to remember what balance and wellness look like!