Primal Foods
Primal Foods

Primal Fermentation Class

Join me, Heathar Shepard, for an afternoon of teaching, discussion and hands-on learning and tasting all about fermented foods!

Today, most people have some variation of digestive and/or immune distress. From constipation, frequent loose stool, nausea and stomach pain to Crohn's, IBS, leaky gut, candida and colon cancer, most people today are affected by at least one of these conditions.

In healthy individuals, our beneficial gut microbes out number our cells 10-1. However, due to years of consuming a modern diet and overuse of antibiotics (and much more), our digestive tracts need a lot of repair. Our gut flora are at dangerously low levels; our Pancreatic juices are diminished; our stomach acid is compromised and these factors (and many more) all contribute to our modern day digestive struggles.

Fermented foods were once a staple in our diets. However, due to our draw to modern convenience foods and busy schedules as well as the creation of additives and preservatives, fermenting has become a lost art.

We can reclaim that and with that, our well-being!

Fermented foods are nutrient-rich powerhouse superfoods that support the well-being of our digestive system, immune system, hormone production, energy levels and longevity.

Heathar's Primal Fermentation class will teach you how to make fermented foods in your own kitchen in a timely, easeful and nourishing way. 

During the class you'll learn how to make:

Water Kefir (dairy free) Ginger Sauerkraut, Jalapeño Kraut and Lemonade. 

Details about the Class


The first half of the class will entail Heathar teaching you all about the wonderful benefits of fermented foods and Primal Foods eating. She'll discuss the specific wellness benefits of fermented foods, how they impact your body, how you can incorporate them into your daily diet and suggested quantity of how much to eat in a day.

She'll also reveal how you can detect truly, authentic, nourishing fermented foods in your grocery store and Farmers Market versus foods that are considered "fermented" but are actually not fermented in a way that benefits your well-being and that is actually harmful. There will be plenty of space to ask all your questions about fermentation as well!


After Heathar teaches about fermentation, you'll have the opportunity to learn and gain understanding and knowingness regarding how to purchase and prepare fermented foods and beverages in your own home and local grocery store. During class, together, we'll make water kefir (dairy free), lemonade, ginger kraut and jalapeño kraut. 

Taste Testing

After we prepare these wonderfully nourishing and delicious fermented foods, you'll have the opportunity to try each one of them! This will give you an idea of how they taste and the taste that you can accomplish in your own kitchen. All foods and ingredients used will be organic. There is no pressure to taste all the foods, but you are more than welcome to if you desire.





COST: $40