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Primal Detox Class

Today, the word detox has almost become a fad diet. We have compiled several different drinks and diets to help our body's detox, however, almost none of them are very safe or effective. We do have one thing right when it comes to detoxification and that is we know we need to detox. Most of us have several different poisons and toxins in our body's that have built-up overtime as a result of eating a modern diet as well as exposure to several different environmental poisons and toxins. 

Today, doing a quick 1-week or several day detox isn't enough to make our toxin levels budge. And, our modern approach to detoxification often stirs-up more toxins than our body's can safely handle causing a herxheimer reaction or detox effect. During a detox diet, or even when one eats food they are sensitive to, we often feel symptoms resembling a detox reaction such as, headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and fatigue -- this isn't a sign that we're getting the toxins out, rather, it's a sign that we've stimulated the release of toxins in some part of our body and they are now floating around our bloodstream with no way to get out.


Effective detox programs not only help to call the toxins and poisons out of hiding, but they help these substances safely and effectively exit the body.

Detoxification is not an event, but an on-going, long-term journey.

I invite you to join me for an afternoon of learning all about effective, safe and sustainable detoxification with Primal Foods, specific food-grade supplements and very specific kinds of water and lifestyle activities that help to naturally aid and support the detox process. By engaging in detoxification actions, you'll help to prevent chronic disorders later in life and support energy improvements, immunity and well-being in your life right now. This is also a wonderful way to help prepare your body for pregnancy as many birth complications in mother and baby are largely attributed to nutrient deficiencies and a build-up of toxins that have never been addressed.

During class, there will be teachings and discussion on detoxification, including specific dietary recommendations that support this process; their will be lots of room for all your questions and throughout class, you'll have the opportunity to taste several Primal Foods detoxification supportive snacks (all organic and farm fresh ingredients) that support this very process! 





COST: $40